"Fermina Daza was in the kitchen tasting the soup for supper when she heard Digna Pardo’s horrified shriek and the shouting of servants and then of the entire neighbourhood. She dropped the tasting spoon and tried her best to run despite the invincible weight of her age, screaming like a madwoman without knowing yet what had happened under the mango leaves, and her heart jumped inside her ribs when she saw her man lying on his back in the mud, dead to this life but still resisting death’s final blow for one last minute so that she would have time to come to him. He recognised her despite the uproar, through his tears of unrepeatable sorrow at dying without her, and he looked at her for the last and final time with eyes more luminous, more grief-stricken, more grateful than she had ever seen them in half a century of shared life, and he managed to say to her with his last breath:
“Only God knows how much I loved you.”"
Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel García Márquez (via aeolushawthorn)

Toni Morrison, Sula


Toni Morrison, Sula


the treat yoself 2011 episode of parks and recreation has honestly changed my life for the better

Track Title: All I Want (Kodaline Cover)

Artist: Ellie Goulding

Album: All I Want (Kodaline Cover)




All I Want (Kodaline Cover) - Ellie Goulding

i still prefer the original version but damn her voice sounds like its made just for this song


Dentist pulled the tooth out yesterday. But it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your co-workers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain. Plus, it’s always fun to see Tom faint.

In every school, all over the world, in every class, there was always that person that was better than everyone else. You can hold on to the fact that, yeah they were Mr. Perfect in school, and everyone resented them, and they were so great, but in later life Mr. Perfect will have  made his mistakes. he will have screwed things up.
And now, with facebook, you can find the bastards.

Who the hell is Bucky?